I am looking for a Patrons who can help with my costs to create work that represents meaningful artistic creations that sends messages to humanity about compassion, tells the story of wrongful things that need to be exposed to create a better life for people on this planet, works that inspire to achieve and some for pure joy and beauty. If anyone has an idea that they wish to fund that I could be instrumental in helping in and or doing,please do not hesitate to contact me. Through art we see ourselves and through it we can speak to the world in a universal language where words are not necessary. Look at my site and you will know who I am and what I am about.
Michael Andrew Harris



Need Artist Patron. Click "Buy Me" to Donate or buy art from me. Read what I stand for and if you want something commissioned message me.

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Original Creative Writings, Paintings and Photographs on Photo Premium Luster Satin paper mounted on 1/2 in.foam core board,$.75/sq. in. specify size. Original Creative Writings, Paintings and Photograph prints on Gallery canvas 1 1/2" thick. $1/sq. in. specify size.Numbered and signed.Paintings and Sculpture if available $2/sq. a general rule,but please inquire for availability and some projects simply cost more and will be priced accordingly.

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