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The Man at the Podium

I observed the shouting of the man at the podium, raising his arms, his mouth ejaculating a spray of criticism at the situation of his enemies, enlarging their failures by the swing of his arms and the articulation of his fore fingers and then, still rising higher on the very toes of his shoes, he mouths the epitaph of their demise.
It is the old game, done many times before, get the people, yes, get the people going, fear of loss, fear of loss is a powerful thing. It works on the soul, on the mind and the heart. It tears the goodness from anyone in an endless fashion that becomes a frenzy. A frenzy that justifies anything in the name of the law, the law of eradication, removal of evil, then purification, a ritual that goes back so far in our history and I mean human, I’m surprised it took so long to rise here again.
The elements of it all are few and usually only three, as in fire. An exothermic chemical reaction: fuel-fear, heat-anger and air-purification. The formula, the ingredients of insanity disguised as a crusade, the flavorings are all the same leading to the same place, we’ve been before, hell, hell on earth. You don’t have to go down to the bowels of the earth to feel the fire. It is right here. Prejudice, hate, greed, avarice, jealousy, power, corruption, zealot righteousness; how many words do we need? How many do we have to describe evil?
The strangeness comes upon us, the conspiracies, the evil objectives, all exposed, the promises flow, rivers of change, prosperity, milk and honey, I’ve it heard before and so have you. It is nothing new, it’s a nature, a condition we have, where all reason is thrown aside and hate takes its place, It’s the same game, with the same name that always leads to the same, death. The death head, heard of that? A biblical story, an ancient story, medieval story, a modern story, all over again and it starts with that man in the pulpit, waving his fingers and arms, shouting, criticizing and making promises of change, a savior come to the rescue, a man of the time. People want a hero, a superhero and if they can’t find one, they’ll invent one and have an actor take the stage.
I listen on and on and the people cheer and cheer, they’re hero is here. Finally I turn to leave, and in the coolness of the air, I faintly hear, “We must build a wall, we must keep them out, they don’t think like us, they don’t dress like us, we must protect ourselves. They must not be allowed…..”.
I guess it is hard to say how bizarre we can be as people to one another. If you watch the dead you become dead or deadened if that is even a word, I got to thinking about this when watching a documentary on Auschwitz. All the mechanizations of it all and what it did to people, even the victims were killing each other at night if a person was thought to have taken another persons food, they were smothered quietly while they slept. Death hung so that people walked in dazes, no feelings, no emotions, just stares, walking specters, from the ghettos to the camps.
These are accounts from people who survived. The justifications are just as bizarre. The hate, of a race or a group of people funded by lies, by the guards, by the officers, by the people, the population, are mini-Auschwitz conceptions in the minds of the participants. Neighbors watching their neighbors walk away with a single suitcase, Russian soldiers by the millions or basically all Slavic peoples east of Austria and Germany that is, were considered sub-human and so needed to be exterminated. Conceptions of this being justified because it was the general thought that these people are so backward they still use outhouses behind their homes, so it proves they’re subhuman and those are words taken from the minutes of a Nazi boardroom meeting by the architects, engineers and generals who needed to get rid of a problem on a mass scale. These were educated people.
Podium This was not just about Jews; it was about people who were not just like us. A mind game is played in the mind, a trick used to believe something that is not true in order to gain, safety, security, more prosperity, happiness, freedom, illusional social nirvana on a mass scale, where any justification, no matter how simple is accepted as fact, which brings me back to the politician at the podium.
The man running for president of the United States standing at the podium, ranting, swaying, pointing, the crowd cheering, it was almost like Germany in 1932, but it isn’t, it is 2016, and the ranting’s are remarkably the same. Anyone who has seen the news knows the man at the podium, but there are many like him. There are many groups on the threshold of real evil here in America, in Europe and as is evident, the entire middle east is convulsing. Parts of Africa are very dark and not from its nickname and I don't mean in terms of skin color or mystery, like to explorers the meaning unknown, out of the light knowledge, I mean dark in terms of evil. Make no mistake there are dark places everywhere, with marauding armies and violent people using religion to wreck havoc and sinking, falling into deep abysses of inhumanity and we don't need politicians spouting flammatory rhetoric to drag us into those deep holes of hate.

There are many contrasting things that don’t make any sense as far as what people claim to be and what we do. People say they are Christians but they are for the death penalty. I was brought up a Christen and I always thought that Jesus Christ came with a new dispensation. As a Christian, traditional Mosaic law was basically eye for and eye and tooth for a tooth to be replaced with forgiveness, unconditional love for your brothers and sisters, turning the other cheek and even loving those who despitefully use you. The woman who was going to be stoned; I would call that the death penalty was saved by Jesus when He said, “Ye among you without sin, cast the first stone.” I would call that, not only a change in Mosaic Law, but also, to desist in the judgment of others and look at your self before condemning others.
The question of the death penalty is the same. Society cannot allow murderers, thieves, violent people or people with problems that harm others in any way, running around, so they need to be secured to protect innocent people from their malaise of mind and from further violence, so yes, we have to have places to keep people like that. God gives and God takes or the universe gives or the universe takes and life above all else is something we cannot make, in the sense of the creation or the universe or however you identify with where you are and how it, the universe came to be. If you kill John, can you raise John up from the dead, no you can’t. Life is one of those areas that we have no jurisdiction in, accept in preserving it, in all its forms, as caretakers here on this planet, so if you cannot give life, you have no right or ownership of it, to take it.
Now you say, your not living in reality man, these are just words on a page that can’t be practiced in reality, but I say your wrong. Most have never tried to practice this way outside the interior of the church. Again, now for all you people who have not made up your mind about a God or a religion, and even say you do not believe in anything, you’re an agnostic, an atheist, or a witch, this stuff all still works. Love works, forgiveness works, caring and nurturing works, it does not need to be attached to a religion or a god, it just needs to be practiced.
There you go, what happened to those people in Germany was a mass hysteria, a disease that temporally caused an entire nation to go crazy. People in Germany were Christians, most of them Lutherans, I think, remember him, Martin Luther, so we have to be careful about the poison rhetoric we listen to from politicians, from religious leaders, that is extreme and challenges the real strength of being an American, our diversity, our mixture of cultures is where we draw our strength from.
My last word on this, is, that after World War 2 the United States did a very Christian thing or giving thing for you none religious people called, the Marshall plan. We were instrumental in helping the people there to rebuild Europe and Japan in a big way. We put the money up and much of that money was forgiven, sure we still have bases there, but we gave a lot to rebuild even our enemies and now they prosper. People learn by example. What would have been the result if we had gone to Vietnam and instead of trying to fight communism we said, “Hey, noticed you need some help, What we would like to do is build schools, transportation infrastructure, hospitals, power plants in the north and the south and it won’t cost you a dime. Oh and during and afterwards we would like to have your business, but if that’s not ok, ok and we will leave when we are done, with no bases or military, not even one gun. What do you think would have happened there? What do you think would have happened after the first Bush went to Iraq and we did the same thing there? Doing those things would have been a fraction of what those wars cost and I guarantee you there would have been a good many people who loved us when we left instead of leaving hundreds of thousands maybe even a million dead, instead. For what oil, so Cheney can live on a big ranch in Wyoming and Bush in Texas?

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Change is good!!! February 21, 2016

The Politics, the wars, the extremists, the bankers, the lawyers, the candlestick makers, all struggling day after day, for survival, lifestyles, children, families, businesses, mistresses, menstresses and so forth, a collection of pick-up sticks. A man drives around shooting people randomly and why. Too many guns, not enough guns; what do people really want. Safety and security and people think that owning and having guns will give it to them. That is an illusion, just like any mirage. It has been shown time and time again, it is not might that wins, it is spirit that does and usually over overwhelming odds. We as a nation have supplied weapons, training, and advisors so many times, in so many situations, but they fail time and time again because the people do not have the spirit, they have the will in part, but there is a spark they are missing. We in this country from the very beginning have been a diversified people who above all else, above religion, race, and culture want freedom. Guns are only tools, and without will and spirit combined they are nothing. Shooter-Man I don’t know what the right solution is to gun owner ship here in this country is. I think if a person likes hunting, he or she should have the right to have a hunting rifle. If he likes to go target shooting with a pistol, he or she should be allowed to do so. If a person likes to ride in the back country on horse and feels they need a rifle or a pistol for protection, it makes sense to me, but what doesn’t make sense are assault rifles, huge magazine clips, automatic weapons even on ranges, their access is too easily available, and I find too dangerous. Does this country want every person, armed to the teeth, a weapon on the front seat of every car, waiting for someone to cut you off, I just don’t know. I am welcome to any ideas, because I don’t have the answer. The only thing I do know is that we love freedom and if we didn’t have a gun in the closet, in our houses, or in our glove compartments and our freedom was threatened by a government or a group we would find the guns and the means to keep our freedom because we have the spirit and the will to do so. It is our spirit, the spirit of America that keeps us free, not guns.
I have been to gun shows selling surplus sleeping bags, and assorted items like that for camping or whatever and along side me are people selling automatic weapons, huge banana clips, semi-automatics of every description, knives, bayonets, yadda, yadda, yadda. Families are walking around like there at the county fair, letting their babies run their fingers over cartridge belts and the muzzles of pistols,and the rest are intent, adults, teenagers,small children alike, excited about holding everything,occasionally over the general ramblings of conversations there is mock aiming and pretend pow, pow, pow going off, out of the odd mouth, punctuated with agh, agh, agh. NRA reps are calling people to sign up and a band is playing Amazing Grace in the background because it's Sunday morning. It is a surreal environment, family values, religion, popcorn, peanuts and any minute you think you're going to see Jesus Christ himself arrive wearing crossed bandoliers and holding a M-16 or AK-47. How available do we want guns to be. I mean seriously do people want to be walking down the street with their families and every person is carrying a firearm at there sides.Hunting is a whole other issue in itself. We are all animals. We all feel pain when we get hurt, so what is the justification of causing pain and ending the life of some animal, when it is far cheaper to go to the grocery store and by a nice cut of meat. Why do the egos need to be satisfied with this? I am only saying we have to move on from killing at sometime. We should take it out of our environment, stop making television shows and movies that glorify it, crime shows that show the fractured nature of our society by replaying constantly the actions of the sick and maligned individuals who perpetrate murder and violence and the subsequent court dramas that parade it all before us. What do we really want to be as human beings? Can we change or is it just too much fun to annihilate something.I don't know. we have had these types I ideas for a long time. Look at the Quakers, or religions that are karmically against killing anything, so I know we have it in us somewhere to stop, we just have to agree to start.

The Homeless Question March 6, 2016

Equate, Equate, Equate! Why is there homelessness? Well, "dah," the rents are too high to meet the minimum wages and living expenses, for one reason. If the city gov. was really serious about solving it they would better regulate what property owners charge on where, and what they are renting. Use the same department that assesses property taxes to assess rent price viability with local wage levels,"what people make"and eliminate credit score application reqirements that are used as an exclusion tool by property management and property owners and excessive deposits. Give tax credits and reduce property taxes as insentives to property owners and reduce greed by education and showing the benefits of benevalence. Reduce govt., city, and county salaries commencerate with private sector,raise minimum wages, and search to "Equate, Equate, Equate everywhere you can. The other problem with homelessness is you have people who are sick. Their minds are messed up and they can't function. They need counseling and residence in a controled environment, then retooling and subsidized employment of some kind like the WPA. COME ON LETS SOLVE THESE PROBLEMS!!!

"The Religious Freedome Law and Why it is Wrong" April 7,2016

There are various studies and from a quick search on the internet that show there are between 6 to 10% of the population that are admittedly homosexual or gay using what-ever terminology you choose to use in classifying people of the gay persuasion, which should never be done anyway, because we should always look at others as human beings, people, without drawing lines of separation, which classification does. If these studies are correct, even remotely correct, then people who are not openly gay, but are and don’t admit it and those who have tendencies that suggest in there lives at some given point are apt to share the feelings and desires of the same sex would mean that you could easily double and triple the numbers of people who have homosexual or shall we say gay tendencies.
To get to the point of my argument though, anytime you give people a choice to discriminate who they choose to deal with, you set up situations where hate, prejudice, and then ultimately violence happens. When your motivations are based in religion, well, we are fighting terrorism right now in the Middle East and elsewhere and the base methodologies that drive the fanatics to kill start from the same reasoning’s that put the law in question into practice in some states at this point in time, now.
` The ridiculous nature of it is that Christians, constantly revert to the old testament, which of course contains the Jewish books and the basis of Islam too, to justify in places, the wrongness of homosexuality, but forget that Jesus came with a message, a new dispensation, one of love and forgiveness and non-judgment of others, look at yourself first to see if you have any sin in you before saying anything against another and the sanctity of life. Jesus’s message is totally against promoting a law that encourages hate, and discrimination. Targeting people for their beliefs and their natural inclinations that drive them to be different, in their sexual preferences or in any number of ways of diversification of life that runs through the entire creation and makes us different from one another just as much as a different face or height, makes us different from one another is simply wrong.
It is these so called Christians that are the basis of every evil thing done under the banner of Christ; the Inquisition, witch hunts, the Crusades, the persecutions of native Indigenous Peoples, the First Nations in this country, and all the pain and insensitive brutality that comes from thinking of doing God’s Will from a message of love and forgiveness from Jesus Christ, is a total contradiction of principles. These so called Christians sit in rooms thinking up legislations, believing they are pushing the agenda of God when they are really pushing the agenda of Satan to deceive; putting us back again to our so called original fall, just another version of it and just another facet of it.
To people who do not believe in a higher power, it is just wrong to hate and discriminate. Jesus’s message of love, forgiveness, and non-judgment, works whether you believe in God or not.


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