This page is devoted to worthwhile causes. The site is under construction, and it will grow as I add content. I will try to feature a cause monthly on this page and why I think it is worthwhile, at the same time I will be adding links to charities, from the different pages offered from the above menu. We need each other and everyone needs to help in some way even if it is only through conscious good thoughts that are positive for the advancement of humanity.

World in Crisis

Doctors Without Borders

Doctors without Borders needs help in Syria.I think that this is one of the # one concerns in our world today. What can a person even say about it, other than it is a tragic state of affairs that allows people to suffer so. What nation is not at fault, from the biblical, colonial, to the recent grab for resources, to the insane extremist views of radical terrorists, all are to blame, but from these perpetrations that have resulted in such a catastrophe, we must put aside our differences and help in some way.Terrorists and evil men relish chaos and they confuse people in their recruitment to their cause as being noble, but their is no nobility in famine and innocents subjected to brutal warfare. Doctors without borders has to be one of the noblest organizations on the planet today. They risk their lives in war torn and poverty stricken areas of the world. It is a charity that continually needs support. Yes there are many worthy causes, but the cause to help the helpless is a cause that should never end until their are no helpless left. Don't make the mistake of thinking this is just wishful thinking. It isn't, the world can come together, we just have to put our priorities in the right place and say no. It will take time and that is why supporting organizations like Doctors Without Borders is so important, it is another voice that says no to terror and yes to aid and healing.

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