The Exotic Erotic

The Dream
I woke up and you were lying next to me.
I realized then,
it was only a dream.
I was in the shower with you,
watching the water run down your face.
You asked me for the shampoo and I placed a pool of it on your hair.
We were very close to one another and our lips kissed quickly,
several times fast.
Your soft moist skin gleamed in the shower light.
I filled the sponge with soap and watched you wash yourself.
Our bodies slid against each other when they touched
in the soft bubbly soap.
You laughed at me,
because you knew what would happen to me,
if I kept sliding against you.
The water made you so beautiful and I stood in awe as it covered and ran down your skin.
It made me feel like I was with a river goddess or something like a river goddess
in a perfect and innocent state,
bathing and enjoying the water flowing around her.
I woke up and you were lying next to me.
I realized then it was only a dream.

Michael Andrew Harris, June 8, 2010 6:44 am

You Beautiful Woman

You Beautiful Woman
You beautiful woman,
my love for you streams from my being as rays in all directions,
dancing on fleeting forms indistinguishable in the darkness.
The softness that I feel and your aroma fill me and I want to breath your breath and immerse myself in you my love.
You are to me all the wonders,
of all the pleasures,
ever experienced.
A beautiful pure passion of existence plays out in every moment I am in your arms,
time stands still and we become immortal.
You smile and the brightness and warmth I feel dazzles me,
making me pause and reflect,
on the beauty of your being.
Your presence is all I want.
The comfort you bring nourishes me and I feel strong,
so that I may love you forever.

Michael Andrew Harris, September 25, 2011 2:22 am



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