What is good news? It happens all around us, in the store, on the street, at home, in the office, on the work-site where ever that maybe, it happens all the time. When someone says hello with a grin or your child looks up and smiles, the many deviations of it all, make life wonderful. The failures in life are not failures, they are lessons that help us mold our lives and when we succeed, hey it’s good news. I am just starting this site, and I know I will never be able to keep up with all the good news, so if you have some, send it to me.

I have not written anything in Good News for a while, so here goes. Walking today I was thinking about how important life is. I have said before in other places and so have many others that only God if you believe in God or the universe or anything that creates life is the only entity that has the right to end it. Nature through evolution or creation however you want to think about it has certain laws that appear in our understanding of things. Basic laws of survival of the fittest, eat or be eaten, only the strong shall survive and on and on, but let us be clear that these laws are for lower animals than us. By being able to think and understand concepts of love, compassion, empathy, we are able to rise above the lower instincts, and protect life above all else. We are caretakers here and with all our might and intelligence we still do not have the right to take life. If you cannot give life, you have no right to take it. “If you cannot give life, do not be so quick to take it, not even the wise can see all the ends of things and their outcomes, “ Gandalf said something like that to Frodo in the “lord of the Rings.” We need to remember that. We need to look at people only as human, not differentiate between races or cultures, but only see people. We have the power to do this. This is what makes us different and that is good news.



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