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The morning comes,
the soft mouthings of breezy wind,
wisps of momentary messages brought by the sages deguised as branches,
leaves and the bark of trees.
These so telling us beware,
in soft fragrant words formed,
by these voices hidden to the human kind that tranples the peace of the earth,
in its desire to arrange,
in acts of false supremacy this breathing world.
The living planet,
rebukes the coarse an unapolgetic rudeness that has made carpets of plastic upon its ocean floors,
deserts and polluted wastes of its forests and waters pure and even in its crying effort to message men,
it does it softly,
in the breeze,
whispering through the needles and leaves saying,
"please, please."
By Michael Andrew Harris January 24, 2016 at 7:57 am Starbucks, Encino, CA.

Darfur, the Plight of the Forgotten


Reaching out far for a butterfly,
to touch at finger’s tip,
the reach,
a grasp of air,
the finger’s close,
forever bare,
in Darfur where the dead lay across the village ground,
in disheveled shapes,
together bound.
The sound,
a breeze,
the butterfly undulates at ease,
touching this odd leaf,
over it fly’s,
oblivious to all those dead eyes,
its beauty,
the color in its wings,
its flight alone a joyous thing,
here and there,
towards which all,
the dead eyes stare.
By Michael Andrew Harris October, 2015



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